Nordic Edge is pleased to announce that Karine Næss Frafjord is the new manager for the Expo and Conference department, as of January 2021.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to head this department and have responsibility for the expo & conferences held by Nordic Edge. Over the last six years a solid foundation has been laid by a fantastic group of talented people working together. Now we want to grow and develop further by establishing annual events in both Asia and North America and rethinking our annual Stavanger event to give it a more Nordic holistic feel,” said Frafjord.

Karine has extensive experience from the media industry where she has worked for NRK, TV2 and TV Norge with news and documentaries.
For the last ten years, prior to joining Nordic Edge, she worked as head of the Nordic Media department at Sandviks AS, where she was responsible for developing an ecosystem of digital services (websites, apps, podcasts etc.) for pregnant women and parents of young children in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

“Frafjord brings with her both competence and management experience that will be required to further develop our expo and conference activities. Karine has worked extensively with restructuring at a time when both technology and business areas are changing rapidly. She joined Nordic Edge as head of communications in June 2020 and contributed greatly to the implementation of our very first digital conference in September last year,” says Nordic Edge CEO Stig Finnesand.

In 2020, Nordic Edge Expo was arranged as a digital event with over 26,000 participants from a total of 51 countries.

“The situation around COVID-19 is a challenge we take on with open arms. Nordic Edge proved in 2020 that we have mastered arranging relevant digital meeting places when it was impossible to meet physically. We want to build on this further in 2021 and the years to come. We do, however, recognise that people want to meet people, and we really hope to be able to offer a physical meeting place here in Stavanger this coming September,” says Frafjord.

“The work of developing and shaping the smart, sustainable cities and communities of the future is exciting. I am impressed by all the cooperation that has already been established, across the public and private sectors, national borders, and cultures. Sitting close to innovation and entrepreneurial companies that contribute to a better future every day is both inspiring and motivating, and I look forward to getting started and getting to know this environment even better,” Frafjord concludes.