Cluster member Ope has interesting projects on the go. We've connected Ope to one national and one international project.

The small Norwegian, furniture company, Ope has promising prospects on its radar.

Following a webinar on circular economy hosted by Nordic Edge, Ope and Accounting Norway (The Association of Authorised Accountants in Norway, Regnskap Norge) found each other. The two parties have decided to collaborate – Ope will be a case study in the circular accountant cluster, Accountant Norway is running. The aim is to influence current legislation to more circular and sustainable business models.

“It is fundamental to true change that lawmakers takes sustainability seriously. I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and experience with the accounting cluster,” says Lars Urheim, founder of Ope.

Read more about it from Accounting Norway’s website.

We are delighted that two of our collaborators have found each other in this meaningful endeavour and will publish updates about the work on this website.

Ope & Ogoori going international

Ope’s focus on sustainability and circular economy also makes them a perfect candidate for The Green Tech Innovators Club International event this Autumn. The twice annual event is coordinated by the International CleanTech Network and we are pleased to announced that Ope will present to potential collaborators world-wide.

One topic on the agenda at the event will certainly be Ope’s new sister company Ogoori, which will deliver “Material as a Service” (MaaS). In short Ogoori will give new value to plastic waste – through technology, storytelling and circular economics.

Ogoori is a collaboration between furniture manufacturers Ope and Vestre, and Empower, who will track the ocean plastics collected using blockchain technology.

The purpose of the project will take plastic that has gone astray out of nature and stored into Norwegian design objects meant for commercial buildings and public spaces. This value chain will be established to close the loop so that plastic can be stopped from polluting the environment ever again.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Lars Urheim, the founder of Ope will meet with the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Iselin Nybø in a meeting initiated by the Norwegian Research Council.