LoRaWAN is being rolled out in municipalities across Norway. How can this create value for the public sector, private businesses and citizens?

LoRaWAN is a natural extension of the fiber network utility company Lyse has laid across large parts of Norway. The new network will open possibilities for gathering data, testing solutions and creating new products. But how should we use it and how to we want to use it?

This was the topic of a webinar we hosted in early June. Here, Lyse and sister company Altibox presented the technology and their business model for the nationwide service. Their talk was followed by experiences from the City of Stavanger which has been testing solutions on LoRaWAN for quite some time and InfoTiles who deliver solutions via the network. Furthermore Microsoft presented how companies can get started – gathering and analysing data from LoRaWAN.

In the coming months we will follow up this webinar with workshops and in-depth talks, inviting companies to present solutions they wish to utilise on LoRaWAN.

Watch the video here: