The Explorer is Norway’s official platform for international promotion and marketing of green and sustainable solution. The platform works to ensure lower climate emissions through increased exports of green technology from Norway.

We have partnered with The Explorer to help members promote their solutions to new markets.

Several members are already online

Several of our cluster members are already promoting their solutions on The Explorer.

The Explorer is developed in close collaboration with leading representatives for Norwegian businesses, organisations and authorities. As of today, cluster members such as TotalCtrl, Podbike, InfoTiles and Mobility Forus are represented with their green solutions approved and published on The Explorer – but there is room for many more!

The criteria to be published on The Explorer is that a solution must be green and contribute to at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the company must have ambitions for international growth.


The Explorer is an initiative from the Norwegian government and is run by Innovation Norway. The platform is actively used by Norwegian embassies and other official Norwegian representatives abroad when they are telling the story of Norway around the world. The Explorer also promotes its companies in its own digital and social channels for a wide-ranging international audience.


Register here, or send an email to The Explorer’s editorial team. The editorial team creates a bespoke, English-language presentation of your green solution. The content is published on, and you can use it freely in your own channel